Amelia Disspain

Director and senior yoga teacher

Yoga Australia Senior Member, Yoga Alliance International Expert registered teacher 1500+

Amelia brings with her a genuine love of yoga in all forms and a desire to share this passion with others. She believes a regular Yoga practice not only improves your physical wellbeing, it enables you to harness emotional vitality, intellectual wisdom, mental clarity and spiritual bliss.

Amelia was first introduced to yoga while studying Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney in 1999. Inspired by the joy and serenity it brought her, Amelia began a regular practice before going on to complete her teacher training with Katie Manitsis at Samadhi Bliss Yoga, Sydney in 2002.

Amelia taught Yoga full time at Samadhi Bliss in Newtown until she was selected to undertake a one-on-one apprenticeship in 2006 with Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy Sydney, one of the few schools left in Australia still instructing teachers in this traditional way.

Amelia taught as a senior level teacher at Yoga Synergy Sydney, instructing group classes from brand new beginners to advanced practitioners as well as private lessons, working with students with injuries and also training yoga instructors, until 2013 when she relocated to Bellingen. There she opened her own studio, Yoga Bellingen. Here she teaches group classes including gentle yoga, dynamic classes, meditation and pranayama, plus workshops allowing students to explore the deeper teachings of yoga. Amelia also runs regular retreats and immersions to allow students the opportunity to integrate and transform using the tools of yoga.

Amelia continues to work closely with Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg Olivier and attends regular retreats with another of her main teachers, Clive Sheridan.


Tara Chandler 

 My first yoga class was in Panama in 2006, overlooking the Caribbean!!! It was a welcomed way for me to reconnect with people again after having travelled for some time and feeling a lack of friends and community. My practice however, did not begin until my return to Sydney in 2008. I was able to immerse myself in regular classes, grateful for the support and nourishment it offered me in that time of transition and excited by the new sense of self I was experiencing.

In 2009 I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India. This is when I first experienced the depth and richness of the yoga tradition and began to see it as a way of life, a pathway for personal and spiritual development. My current mentorship with Amelia Disspain of Yoga Bellingen and studies with YogaSynergy have, again, deepened my understanding of yoga and strengthened my own practice and intention/commitment tremendously.

I see yoga as a wonderful gift that we can give to ourselves and one that reaches into all areas of our lives. It offers us an opportunity to better know ourselves, the chance to witness our body’s own intelligence and the gift of physical wellbeing, emotional stability and mental clarity, just to name a few. As a yoga teacher I want to provide a safe and welcoming space where people can practice yoga and give themselves and their yoga journey the time and opportunity to unfold.




Tiffany Daro 

I began practicing  yoga consistently when I moved to Bellingen 11 years ago.. with 2 small children it was a beautiful time for myself every week, and the days I practised were my best days! I loved the peaceful feeling I had after yoga.
 I love yoga because it is a practise I can rely on everytime. I love the consistency of the YogaSynergy sequences, I feel physically supported practising this way, I can see progression and know the sequence really well which allows me to deepen into the yoga experience.
I teach Yoga because I love the practice myself and I just want to share it!. I completed 200hrs teacher training at InYoga  in Sydney in 2014 and I have been continually learning through my own practice and a wonderful mentoring program with Amelia Disspain. I would love to see more people having the opportunity to practise yoga and know that beautiful peaceful feeling it can bring.


Louise Carter 

I started practicing with Yoga Bellingen Director Amelia Disspain in May 2014.  From the very first class it felt like a perfect match.  Strong, graceful and spiritually engaging, Yoga Synergy, originally developed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss has become a cornerstone of my practice.   

After completing my teacher training under the personal mentorship and instruction of Amelia including ‘Advanced Yoga Fundamentals’ and ‘Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga’ with Yoga Synergy in Sydney I am delighted to be able to share my passion with others.

I never cease to be impressed by the way Yoga works through my body, my breath and my mind to create not only a greater depth of awareness, but an increased sense of being joyfully alive.  

What drives my commitment to teaching Yoga is what has driven the decisions of much of my life; the desire to enable, encourage and share with others what I have  found to be valuable – particularly with those who may feel marginalised or disadvantaged by society.

In the past I have completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology at Sydney University and Post Graduate qualifications in Social Change and Development.







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